Samantha Bee to Address Ivanka Trump Slur This Week

Samantha Bee to Address Ivanka Trump Slur This Week

"Forgive me - my joke was in bad taste".

Late last week, the First Daughter and official White House adviser Ivanka posted what seemed to be a rather innocuous pic of herself cuddling with her child.

US President Donald Trump has fired off an angry tweet at a TV host who had made insulting comments against his daughter Ivanka earlier this week. It was inappropriate and inexcusable.

Reeling from Roseanne Barr's recent dismissal from her own self-named program over an anti-Iranian and anti-black diatribe against Valerie Jarrett, reactionary outrage quickly piled onto Bee's comments, calling for the liberal talk show host to be canned as well.

The president's reaction to both controversies is another example of his us-versus-them mentality in which he supports anyone loyal to him - even if it means excusing racism. Following the sad situation of immigrants, Ivanka Trump shared a picture with her son that sparked hatred towards her and her dad's policies that are separating children from their parents.

Bee apologized Thursday for the comment. President Trump also tweeted that "no talent" Bee should be fired. Think about this: if Samantha Bee had used that word to describe one of the Obamas, what would happen to her?

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Barr faced swift blowback for her tweets and ABC responded within hours by canceling her hit revival, Roseanne.

I really don't want to hear another word from feckless Trump supporters; they should focus their anger at their Messiah, after all he's called women cunts on more than one occasion in public, and heaven knows how many times in private. "Maybe I just didn't get the call?"

Her network TBS also said it was "our mistake too" in allowing the language on Bee's show on Wednesday.

As reported by The Daily Beast, Stewart, who is set to launch a seven-night comedy tour with Dave Chappelle later this month, offered some advice he gleaned from his years doing political comedy: don't play into the moral double standard.

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