Apple resumed its cooperation with the Telegram

Telegram: Apple has blocked our updates since Russian ban

While Apple may have already been considering support for free trials for all apps, it's notable that the change followed The Developer Union's open letter on this matter.

On Thursday, Durov had said Apple had refused to allow updates in its App Store since April.

"Telegram for iOS v.4.8.2 is finally out!"

But Apple's update seemed meant to clarify the rules around what are known as in-app purchases or micro-transactions, in which gamers can spend small sums of money inside games to buy tokens, extra lives or other so-called digital goods.

According to Durov, though, Apple's reaction went much further.

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It appears that Apple is not cool with this decision to hold back the decryption keys.

The only obstacle that was really getting in the way of Telegram's compliance was Apple's ban. The user base for this app in Russian Federation is quite small. None of that would necessarily cover restrictions on updates. With the iOS 11.4 update recently coming out, it has caused even more problems for those trying to use the Telegram iOS app. The new effort won't look like iAds, which was open to selling goods and services through ad banners in apps, and instead, continue to push ads for apps sold on the App Store. Russian users make up about 7 percent of Telegram's user base.

"App updates are essential to bolster the security of users and their data, and to comply with privacy laws and regulation", said Peter Micek, general counsel of non-profit digital rights group Access Now. Telegram has been unable to update its app since April. In addition, the company will allow brands to place contextual search ads Search Ads not just in the store, but on the search pages within the programs themselves. They also announced that apps will also be coming to the Mac App Store such as Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Lightroom CC, Barebones BB Edit, Transmit, and also new games.

The fate of Telegram in Russian Federation has been complicated of late.

Telegram is the highly secure private messaging platform based in Russian Federation that was recently banned in its own country in April. "Unfortunately, Apple didn't side with us".

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